1. Pick a public location

Inviting your date round to your place on a first date is a BIG no-no. Until now, you’ve only ever spoken online so you need to pick a location that puts both you and your date at ease, and allows you to get to know one another. Maybe go to a coffee shop, or go for a walk in the park, or if it’s in the evening you could have a meal at a nice, quiet restaurant.

Cambodia lady at an romatic restaurant

2. Should be easy for your date to get there

Always pick somewhere that your date can get to easily, and ideally somewhere you can get to easily as well. Maybe pick a meeting location roughly halfway between each of your houses. If this is not possible and you’re the one planning the date, try and prioritise the other person’s journey. Your date won’t appreciate you planning a date 5 mins from your house when he or she has had to travel for over an hour.

tuk tuk in cambodia

3. Keep it short and sweet

Avoid planning a date that involves committing a large amount of time. First dates are about quality, not quantity, you shouldn’t feel the need to over plan. Often, just meeting for an hour or two is enough for you to start to get to know the other per-son and to decide if you’d want to go out on a second date.

man give flower to a Cambodia lady

4. Avoid loud, distracting environments

When you’re picking the location for your date, make sure you choose a place where you’ll be able to easily chat with your date. If you meet at a location where it’s hard to hear each other, or there are too many distractions…well, you won’t be getting a second date! Dating is all about chatting, connecting and getting to know the other person, and if the location makes it tricky to do those things, it could prevent your relationship from going any further.

Cambodia couple in a natural contest

Places you’ll probably want to avoid on a first date:

– Cinemas and Theatres

– Loud music events

– Theme parks

– Overly crowded locations

We’ve done some of the groundwork for you, and come up with a few great ideas for things you can do on a first date in Cambodia! If you want some ideas, click one of the locations below:

1. Phnom Penh

2. Siem Reap

3. Sihanoukville

(we plan to add more locations to this article soon)

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